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We are Red Cross Training Partner, an Ontario-based First Aid and CPR training provider for businesses, groups, associations and individuals, We offer First Aid and CPR training courses throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

First Aid and CPR/AED training is one of our main focuses. Our courses are different from others in the respect to the conduct of our courses. Our teaching strategy is centered around hands on learning. All of our instructors have been retrained by the management to ensure that all of our courses are taught the same way.

BramptonFirstAidCPR now offers the Heart and Stroke Foundation First Aid/CPR course as well as BLS Provider.
Accidents happen fast. That is why the Heart and Stroke Foundation has expanded its training to include first aid as well as CPR and defibrillation, together in one course. Working with BramptonFirstAidCPR, the goal is to get more Canadians ready, willing and able to take action in a cardiac or other medical emergency. Fast action saves lives.

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